Im dating a homeless man

By I was living in Vienna, in my own flat, with my beloved cat Whiskey. I had lots of friends, a fun social life and a busy freelance career. Then, in September that year, I went to work in Amsterdam for a few weeks. One Sunday evening, I was sitting on a bench on Leidseplein, a busy square in the city centre, waiting for a friend, when a man sat down next to me.

I glanced sideways — he looked like a vagrant.

How I fell in love with a homeless man

His clothes were dirty, his hair and beard dusty and, rather incongruously, he was holding a worn briefcase I later found out that he kept his sweater, sleeping bag and beer in it. We started chatting and, to my surprise, he made me laugh several times. Ten minutes later my friend arrived. My friend and I stared at each other, unable to believe what had happened. Had a man who appeared to be destitute ordered me to come back on Saturday? How could he be so confident? I found myself thinking about him a lot during the next week.

On the one hand I was put off by his dishevelled appearance, but on the other there was something about him that was so intriguing that I wanted to meet him again. After 20 minutes I was about to give up when he turned up. I came to check just in case. I smiled back and my anger melted away — perhaps because he was better looking than I remembered. We spent the next six hours together, walking around Amsterdam, having a picnic and getting to know each other. I found out that his name was Vic, that he was born in Poland but grew up in Canada, was 25 the beard made him look much older and that he was currently living in Vondelpark.

We registered as no fixed abode and lined up with street people for our dole cheque. Having been used to nice houses and the respect that comes with having a good job, it was a shattering experience to go through such a loss of comfort and status. It often made me feel less worthy than other people. Inside though, I knew life had other things in store for me.

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As time moved on, things changed and we started to find our direction together. In , we travelled to Scotland and stayed in an eco-community called Findhorn.

We met a couple who were painters, and they helped Jason become an artist. We started to sell Jason's work, making enough money to travel to Greece, but coming back to the UK when his father became ill. Louisa and Jason from their boat days. Soon after, Jason had a motor accident, and with the insurance pay out, we bought a narrow boat. This became our 'shop' to sell Jason's paintings from, saving up for four years until we could buy my grandmother's home. By , we were finally living in a proper house again.

Real lives: ‘I fell in love with a homeless man'

I come from an academic family: This im dating a homeless man used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. Vic tries to comfort me by saying it just shows how narrow-minded and shallow they are — and he is right — but there are moments when I miss them and feel miserable about their decision. Cheryl's im dating a homeless man face leaves viewers in hysterics I guess then he would not be homeless! Still being unemployed our relationship hit some very tough spots. Then, three weeks later, on a Monday morning as I was getting ready to go to work, my mobile phone rang. My family thought I'd flipped. These attitudes only serve to make people dishonest. His face lit up when he finally remembered who I was, which I took to mean he felt the same way I did. Smart woman, people date people who have financial stability. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. How could he be so confident? I crave stability in the person I am with too much to date someone whose life is in a place of homelessness. But in a small town and in this economy it was very hard for him to find a job.

Still, we hadn't settled yet. He was adopted into a wealthy family as a baby but was kicked out on his 18th birthday. He lived in his car but unfortunately got in a crash and totaled the car. He stayed with many different friends who provided him with enough food to get by. In the 9 months since he had been kicked out he had lost 40 pounds. Of course this was alarming to me and I immediately started giving him food and helping him with other things.

Real lives: ‘I fell in love with a homeless man'

One day he met a very nice older lady who somehow knew of his story and told him she wanted to help him. She started letting him stay with her if he had nowhere to go, but she soon took him in. She wasn't very well off herself but she treated him like her own son working two jobs to provide food and keep the home she had. Between staying at her house and mine his life seemed to be turning around. He knew he had a warm place to sleep everynight and food to eat.

I'M Dating A Homeless Man

His family saw him every once in a while but still offered him no help. Still being unemployed our relationship hit some very tough spots. I had a job but between paying for my needs and his I began facing money troubles myself. But in a small town and in this economy it was very hard for him to find a job.

Even though I had to support him I felt it was worth it because of the feelings I felt for him. He made me happy and treated me better than anyone ever has. He still hasn't found a job but he is looking for one.

With much help he is still getting by. He is very determined to pay back everyone who has helped him through his rough times. Before this relationship I will admit I was pretty shallow. I was severly depressed at one point. They couldnt deal with this either. I have met a lovley guy in the place. Never did I imagiene this happening but life is unpridictable. He is here due to having depression and possibly aspegers.

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This had caused him problems getting on in the world. He cant help being ill. Its sad that people are expected to not have love just because they dont are in a difficult situaion. My partner has worked very high up jobs in the past. He was really tried but does find life hard. We both have adhd and suspected aspegers so I guess in that way we are quite different. As in we dont go along with the social norms.

Part of me disires normality and stablity and we have nearly broken up just over the fact I worry about what people will think but I do love him. He is very caring, loving, completly accepts me for who I am. Yes the situaion is ideal and I never saw this happening to me but life works in strange ways. So obvisily my answer is yes and I am currently in that situaion.

I think people should remember its achually quite easy to become homeless in this society. And no one really wants or asks to be homeless. Apart from a rare few. Homelessness is an unfortunate situation and while I am compassionate rather than dating, I would think that person needs to focus on rebuilding their life. In my opinion people without resources will tell you anything for food and shelter therefore I can't believe in one's sincerity because of their circumstances. Is that person homeless due to unfortunate circumstances?

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Are they homeless because they smoke crack and rob? Are they homeless because they just got out a few months ago for murder?

  • These Men & Women Are Dating Someone Who's Homeless. Here's Why.
  • These Men & Women Are Dating Someone Who's Homeless. Here's Why....
  • im dating a homeless man;
  • im dating a homeless man;
  • im dating a homeless man;

I've lived life to long to believe in the lady and the tramp situation. This is very said that people have such a low opinion of others and are so judgmental. We live in such a judgmental society. As I stated in another post, homeless doesn't mean no income. These attitudes only serve to make people dishonest.